diamond in the ruff turns up the glam with Vintage

I was so happy in late September when my sista said lets hit a town wide garage sale.  I spotted this little shelf and knew it was my diamond in the ruff.  I would give it new life and help glam up my living room bar area by helping catch the overflow my little bar couldn’t handle.   And boy oh boy did I call this one right it’s a perfect fit.  Behind the bar and tucked into a corner that wasn’t getting much use.  I just love it when things work out this way you find something you didn’t even know was missing and then it fits right in like the perfect puzzle piece.



diamond in the ruff

I knew the moment I saw this piece I liked it.  The lady had it displaying purses for sale that day so I wasn’t sure if it was for sale or just display so asked.  She not only said yes but went with my low ball offer of $5 bucks and I was just so tickled.  So what that’s pink and green I can fix that.  🙂


I think I spotted a diamond in the ruff and I was ready to work this baby into a shiny new piece.  And just as I got started sanding this baby down.  I took a break and had a group meeting with a couple of awesome friends/bloggers we had been offered to work with Vintage Paint.  One the my friends had already tried this paint once and raved about it.  And how you didn’t even need to sand the piece well hello I was sold I’ll try it.  I have a diamond in the ruff waiting right here.  So if you know me at all you know I went for their black and white which they call raven and cotton.  I love it .


Disclosure: Products were supplied by Vintage Market & Design, but the project choice and opinions are 100% my own.

I was so happy I couldn’t wait to get this paint and right way went to town turn this little piece all the ways around to get it painted pretty.  This paint was very easy to work with and I love the consistency of it.  I let the first coat dry overnight and then gave this beauty its second coat which was all she needed.

Vintage Market & Design – Since 1969 their chalk based paint and decorative finishes have been made in America. VM&D Professional Paint and Decorative Finish products are formulated to work together to enable anyone, from the novice to the professional painter, to create a beautiful and long lasting finish on wood, metal, glass, rigid plastic or fabric.

Products offered by VM&D – Chalk Based Paint- Waxes-Glazes-Stencils-Aging Dust

For more information or to place your order, please visit their website

My little diamond in the ruff has turned into the great bar and game center I knew she could be.


Oh I so look forward to styling up this bar and game center in the future and giving you all new looks at it.

If you would love to see some more awesome projects created with Vintage Market please click below to see what these other awesome ladies have done with this paint.






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4 Responses

  1. Carolann says:

    I love your find Anj! It’s truly a gem! And the transformation is perfect. What a great idea! The colors are beautiful now!

  2. I love the shape of this shelf. It is so fun and I can’t believe you got it for $5. What a bargain. You definitely improved it in true Makin My Apt A Home style. The Raven and Cotton colors are so you and look just devine! It is perfect for the bar and game center too. You are amazing!!! I love the entire thing.

  3. Sue says:

    You’re a good teacher. I would have walked right by that pink and green shelf. The shelf is now actually very classy and almost expensive-looking the way you painted it with the black and white. I love the Vintage paint as well and agree just two coats and then you are done, plus no sanding is like you say a no-brainer.

  4. That turned out beautifully! It didn’t even look like the same shelf.