my closet II

it’s a walk in!! I had converted a playroom in my old apt into a walk in closet off my bedroom and it’s one of the things I was most sorry to give up………

when I went apt hunting last year but the fist time I visited this apt (where I’m living now) and saw this small room off the sun room attached to my bedroom (what I like to call my “bedroom suite” ((& I do air quotes)) when I’m giving any first time visitor to my apt – the full tour)

I knew this would be my walk in closet II & on steroids lol (compared to my old place) and boy it totally is this is totally still a work in progress but let me show you how its coming along….

this is a long pictured filled one get something to drink…..

bogstik 024day 1 and maybe first week I lived out of boxesbogstik 025

bogstik 369

bogstik 372

and then one glorious saturday my bestie Chino came over to do his magic see below…


I painted the hooks black to jazz it up a lilIMG00521-20110917-1755this was all stuff from my old apt walk in closet it spread over two small walls and Chino reworked it to do this yay!!!!IMG00524-20110918-0842

when I walked in he had hung some stuff up awwwww ( I took it all down and redid my way but gotta luff him for trying)IMG00527-20110919-0747

it looked this way for a a couple of months …..IMG00545-20110921-0749

bogstik 378


bogstik 026

and then I finally added some curtain’s  let’s remember this is a closet don’t judge I’ve only lived here maybe 3/4 months when this pic takenbogstik 146

then I decided to use (black & white)shoe thingy below  as a purse organizer see I have a bit of shoe/purse thing I don’t like to call it a habit it makes it sound dirty….bogstik 148

I don’t know how much you pay attention to the details in the pics but yes I do stack restack unstack and move things around kinda weekly to see where something might end up making sensebogstik 375

this is a view of closet door from the sunroom leading into the closetprojects IV 125

some of the details I’m developing a jewelry habit …. here’s how I display it so ill remember to wear it I used to keep it in boxes but then always forgot to wear it does that happen to you?

projects IV 127

One of my all time favorite pic’s of my baby J and a jewelry box she made me in grade school (if you read this J see I do keep knick knacks 1 at least)projects IV 129

this is the wall along side the door and this was how it looked first 4 months up untill …Freecycling makes me happy

projects IV 153

then I had to rearrange…….. move things over….projects IV 154projects IV 155

and make room for……….projects IV 156projects IV 157


drum rolll please!!!!!Surprised smileoh wait that’s another post Rolling on the floor laughingthis post has been long enough….


signiture from blog

sneak peek:  cause I just cant keep a secret

Display case!!!!!


the cabinet all the way to the right double glass door 4 glass shelves see how I repurpose it…..2 make it work in my Closet II

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5 Responses

  1. Design_Fluff says:

    Oh you are sooo lucky to have all of that room for a closet! I’ve had bedrooms that size! P.S. I’m in love with the buddha statue sitting on your heater:)

    • ARod says:

      thanks would you beleive i have two of them different sizes i guess i really like him too i keep buying him lol
      and yes i luff luff luff my closet thanks for stopping by

  2. Girl that is one major closet!! Bigger than what I share with my husband. Thanks for linking up at SweetTalkin’ Sunday!

  1. November 29, 2013

    […] once I was this far with it I already knew this baby was staying with me and heading to my closet II […]