my apologies I’ve been coocoo

I’m sorry I really don’t mean to be neglecting this blog because I can’t even begin to tell you how much joy & inspiration it has brought me over this last year.   I really think it’s due to this blog that I have had the courage to pursue doing something I love.  

I’ve partnered up with an awesome friend Ricky & we have started…

Ashes Restored Logo

what do you think of the logo?? ain’t it cute
I’m working on our site, but for some reason I cant seem to make it attach to the that we bought so that’s been crazy… I don’t remember when I did it for this blog but I know I did it myself so I will figure this out grrrrr

in the mean time we Ashes Restored are on the following  social media sites so if you want to follow us from the start…we would really appreciate it.

We already have some inventory (the shopping part is totally fun) which is what I have been showcasing on social media all the before’s.  

We have a garage painting day scheduled for this weekend so I pray that the weather get’s a lil warmer.  And were able to start posting some after’s next week.  Come on Mother Nature help a sista out…

As for what is coming up here on the blog, not to worry folks there is plenty…

I’ve just about finished painting this bust for a friend wait till you see the before & after I hope you will love as much as I do here’s a peek…

Of coarse there is a pretty cool thrift report coming up with some awesome white milk glass finds… I also came a across a coffee table & end tables set that I’m now working on.  

And plenty of changes that just seem to happen at the apartment…

so make sure to 

ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects
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5 Responses

  1. LOGO IS GREAT ! cant wait to see the finished pieces for sale. Good luck with the new business and continue to follow all dreams as they come.

    much love ,

  2. Suzan Sweatman says:

    How exciting for you!!!
    Wishing you every last ounce of luck my heart holds – I’m following Ashes Restored on Google Plus
    Go Girl!!!

  3. Congratulations Girl! Follow your dreams! I’m following!

  4. Congratulations! It must be a lot of work but a lot of satisfaction too!

  5. mika jones says:

    I hope so too! Excited too the finish product of your painting job! Those cabinets are amazing.

    Mika(You Like Me Friday Blog Hop)
    Rubbish Clearance London