The move is done

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving last week.  As for us we stuffed ourselves and then got to the business of moving on Friday.  We spent most the weekend clearing, packing & cleaning and now the move is done.  I have let go of the apartment.  I had slept there maybe 3 x times since January so it was a long time coming.  Even when you know its the right thing to do it is not easy letting go.  There is a quote I love about change being a constant and I try to remind myself of this daily.  Not that it makes it any easier. lol


The move is done


If you follow me on Instagram you already know.



I’m already missing so many things about my apartment.


iving room ledges of coarse I took down and brought with me.  Just not sure where they will fit.

Living room fantel of coarse also made the move.  😉 As for the accent walls living room & bedroom I do still own the stencils but maybe ready for a change will have to check out Cutting Edge stencils & Royal Design for some new inspiration.

I didn’t have movers I had two nephews, my daughter & her man, so as you can imagine it was a total shit show.  I do thank them all as it would not be complete without them.  But it was a shit show nonetheless.  I do hope that they learned some lessons from this move.  And as they now go off into there own young adult lives will look back on this as a learning experience.  They might say they learned to stay away from me. lol

 Tips for a future move

don’t move on your last day  – move day before and give your self next day to clean up & say goodbye

pack and move all small stuff ahead of time if possible

schedule your truck at least 2 weeks in advance

get movers – teenagers suck at moving 😉

Tomorrow I’ll show you how the honey’s house which is where we’ve moved into is coming along so….

xoxo Stay tunned… ARod

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5 Responses

  1. Carolann says:

    How exciting Anj! So happy for you! Yes, the only constant is change…what a paradox that is lol. Best of luck hunny ox

  2. Dawn says:

    Congrats on making a “smooth” move. I hope that we are going to find a new home soon but it will be the last move we ever do. Great tips.

  3. Sue says:

    Wow, I am amazed that you and your family handled this big move over the Thanksgiving holiday. Looking forward to tomorrow and all the work you do that so often inspires me.

  4. hmmmmm i recall a friend telling you several times not to leave everything for the last day .. you my friend are just a procrastinator. but i love ya

  5. laura70inak says:

    OMG a shit show, hilarious!!