mom wants her house keys back – a bathroom revamp story

My mom wants her house keys back – a bathroom revamp story.  I painted and cleaned out my mothers’ bathroom while she was in DR last month.  It started out as her idea she knew she needed a paint job in there.  And joked I should handle it.  Well I took it to heart and did.  I emptied out every container she had in there.  I repotted her plants.  Turns out she must have a hell of a green thumb as her plants were thriving with little to no dirt.  The roots had really outgrown her containers.  I created a nicer ledge on the window for her plants.  So you would think she would be thrilled to come home from her trip and see all these improvements.  Ha ha jokes on me cause she was not.

Let’s start from the beginning this is what her bathroom looked like when she left for her 10 day trip…


Yes there is a plant growing across the bathroom.  She is a bit of a tchotchke person so there is stuff everywhere.  But if you ask her she knows exactly where everything is.  lol

So I emptied out everything and with the help of my sista Maggie we got the room painted in 2 hours.  Yep we rock…

I did the ceiling while she did the walls.  I hate painting ceilings….

a bathroom revamp…


I had had my mom pick out the color weeks before.  When she had first joked I should paint for her.  Since I didn’t do it while she was in town I hoped she would forget and it would be a big surprise.

My sister gave me the great idea, to have the crazy growing across the room plant go around the window instead.  My mom is a huge fan of the light that comes in that window so I decided to go with a small {usually kitchen} curtain to just give some privacy on lower half.  As I said above my mom’s plants must be growing on love cause there was no dirt in their pots.  So I decided to transplant them to bigger pots and give them some fertilized soil.  Here’s hoping they continue to grow for her or I will never hear the end of it.


I transplanted the plants in the shower which kept the clean up to a minimum.


Since the containers were now larger I created a bigger window plant stand, with just a quick trip to my local home depot.


I just showed up with the measurements and a great employee did all the work for me.  😉

I will probably be staining this window plant stand sometime soon but didn’t get the chance to do it before mom returned from her trip.  I did get her new curtains for the shower, a new toilet seat & I got the plant stand built in place.


If you follow me on FaceBook then you might have already seen this video.  Her reaction is priceless…

Who’s gonna clean my room?? Well that’s because I stacked her clothes on her bed in neat stacks I promise.  But as much as she was happy with the bathroom.  She just wanted to know who would now clean her room.

Lol not exactly the best reaction but I think she will grow to love it #bathroomrevamp #pinklover #mymomshome

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2 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    Well, I don’t know what Mom said but is sounded like.. Oh my god and … Anjeline, where is something or what did you do!!!!!!!!! Nice job for sure though. I love the toilet seat that seems special order. Super cool that you made the special plant stand too. You and your sister did a great job.

  2. Carolann says:

    LOL Anj that vid is precious. You did an amazing job wow. I love how you too that vid as if you knew what her reaction would be. Great job though…you are really terrific and so focused!