missing in action but I’m back…

sorry folks to those of you who have stopped by and are wondering where your dose of apartment inspiration is, thrift-ing reports or just a look at my beautiful CoCo.  I’ve been missing in action but I’m back now.  Sometimes no matter how hard we try life gets its own agenda.  I’m happy to be back working on the blog and  wait till you see what’s coming up this week…


missing in action but I’m back

May’s thrift report (yes i know its June see my apology above)

the white milk glass collection has grown and grown…

in all sorts of directions lol


My baby is graduating High School this month, remember I shared her prom picture

Where has the time gone I swear it was just yesterday she started kindergarten, I must have blinked.

My little girl is blossoming into a beautiful woman.  I want to go back in time.  I want my baby back and I’m sure all parents feel this way.  I feel that the toddler years were my favorite time.  I look forward to her bright and shiny future.


We are beyond proud of her.  And so excited to get to see her receive her diploma.

Party plans are in the works have you seen my graduation party inspiration post ?

although I am still battling with my honey & j who doesn’t want an outdoor party I might let them win this battle but right now nothing has yet been decided so I may still get my way I just love an outdoor party If I say it enough times maybe they will get on board with my master plan…

outdoor party come on chant it with me outdoor party



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