I have projects to get done…heck I could just clean the house but instead I am lollygagging on the computer hee hee hee
blog land has hooked me lol I found some great inspiration for my bar redo its going to be ammmmmazzzing I tell you just wait (because I’m lollygagging lol) I’ve decided on a foil n glazing treatment for the outsides and I’ve yet to come across the wallpaper for the insides but I know I will find it……I’m thinking a rich velvet in some great rich color (not sure what it will be I’m keeping my options open) I think that will make finding & finishing this project easier here’s a peak of an idea I found at >
idea for bar
this is my bar that I’m redoing (incase you missed it here & here)
jan 2012  projects V 111
I went to Home Depot yesterday on a Friday during the day and the paint lines took us a good 30 min easy we were 8th in line wow there’s a lot of painting In everyone’s future lol I picked up some required stuff like primer & grey primer I finally got the Gold Martha Stewart paint I needed to finish the coffee table which is something I could be doing right now instead of lollygagging (boy am I going to ware that word out today lol) I got the lacquer too so this really is the project I should finish first but It will be a tedious job so might take a couple of nights this week I have to go over each of the gold  that you’ll see below as I had previously done it with a gold pen that really wasn’t meant for this ooooops
jan 2012  projects III.2 004
15 min break……
and I’m back/hope your still here with me …..Smile so after writing above I said to myself self go start that coffee table its 9.30 am on sat you could bang it out and I head out to living room and my uncle jimmy is sleeping on sofa ughhhhhhhhhhhhh I hate it when he or my monster j (my 16 yr. old ) do that I’m not happy I don’t want to wake up someone and make them go to there bed were pretty much all adults ughhhhhhhhhh at least when its j if I need to I make her move but I don’t want to ask him to move I want him to realize hello this is a living room ughhhhhh
my apologies for the rant just had to get it out now back to our regularly scheduled lollygagging…..
another project I could be working on is the display case I’ve picked up some paint (you would think its either black or white but you would be wrong) this is going to be a pleasant surprise to people who know me but if you know me you will know I love love love Tiffany’s tiffany blue boxso I am going with a tiffany blue on the inside of the this unit and yes people it will be black & white on the outside just not sure how yet but it will come to me…..
this is the display cabinet (in case you missed it here)
Feb 2012  projects I.2 008
well now there ^ is a project I could get started on now since no one is sleeping in my closet lol
signiture from blog
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  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished products. The table is awesome!!