living room updates

If you saw my living before, well of coarse its already changed lol.  I’ve made some living room updates.

it sorta makes me not want to show you a room as a complete room cause once I do I always end up changing something than I want to re-reveal it lol ( i think it has to do with seeing the room in pictures it makes you realize what is working and what just isn’t)

rember when I showed you my living room last week well I’ve made some updates

check it out the BEFORE I told you then I didn’t like this corner and already had a mind a change…


Well TA DAH!!! its changed now

And all it took was some primer and and 1 coat of Krylon hi gloss white…
I had this party lite tea light holder and I love it in this spot but it just needed a change it practically begged me for it and the lil Indian head I just picked up at work someone had left it behind in an empty cubicle and I brought it home with me to revamp
I’m really loving there transformation sorry for the bad cell pic
and I added some of my white milk glass collection…

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ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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