living room tour

its still a work in progress – ja ha ha what isn’t right??
and I’ve already showed you a bunch
of it in different post
Here it is all together
the view into living room from my bedroom
side view of ledges and peek into bathroom don’t you love my awesome shower curtain??
the mobile fireplace & my CoCo
the lamps I revamped and side tables
yes the side tables are in some serious need or a revamp
there on the TO DO  list below

love my stencil wall
this was pre shelf see PEAK @shelf below

lil peak at the shelf I got a post coming on this

Coffee table & Mobile fireplace {that thing pops up every where lol}
this bookcase needs a revamp or maybe just to go…
it was in my bedroom of the old apt we’ll see what I decide to do it with it
see the TV tray from GW its silver now
but I think it still needs a lil something and then I will reveal
Mommy bought me those pillows for the sofa
I’m not a pillows person but at least she stuck with my colors
which I’m sure wasn’t easy for her she hates black lol
a close up of my pretty crystal – for your viewing pleasure
my lil blogging corner – this is where I usually hang
a peek at a family dinner Sunday and my couch on overload lol
Dylan, my monster j, my bil Mike, sister J, baby jazz, Andre, Devon, Steven & Allie

Living room Projects I’ve completed:
Stencil wall
Mobile Fireplace
candle stands revamped

Living room Projects TO DO:
tv wall shelf posted 8/1
end tables revamp
side bookcase revamp
fill frames in ledges

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ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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  1. Very interesting thanks. I believe there’s even more that could be on there! keep it up click here