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Well last weekend was totally crazy, besides having the party for Nicole on Friday.  I also had my friend Chino come over to finally finally put up my ledges.  When I started this blog back in Dec I started looking around blog land and found this great idea and tutorial for ledges (ill find the link) and I right away knew I wanted to do this in my living room.  Where I had already put up a gallery wall of pictures (and about 20 nails ugh) but I figured if I did these ledges I could totally change it up when ever I wanted (Hello my name is ARod I’m a changeaholic) lol lmao
Now I don’t know why this project has been a long one and one that isn’t even done yet….(see changeaholic confession above)
But I think its ready for its first share….
this is living room wall day one when I moved in (way back in Sept) when the whole apt went from beige (which I really really dislike) to light grey I bought a 5 gallon bucket and did all trims in a darker grey sorry about the bad picture this was back when I was on blackberry
this is wall from Sept to March  I’m counting at least 17 nails ughhhhhh.  Now you can see the trim much better picture heehee
and here is my friend Chino (if you been here before you know he is my handy dandy bestie) and if your new now you know Winking smile!! when I gave him his Chino pls do list…..
a close up of the list LEDGES!! item 1 lol
so Chino & Coco his trusted assistant get to work have I mentioned the wall is concrete yeah see why this was on Chino’s list
so first he drilled holes in ledges sorry finally forgot to take a pic of some thing lol but first he did the ledges and then the wall and he used some lil screw holder thingy that goes in the wall
of coarse CoCo comes by to take credit first ledge up that was me!!
we measure out where the other ledges are going
and because I am a lil backwards here are the directions for making the ledges and some pic of mine before they were white washed by me to be made ready for hanging….
directions for ledges>>http://ana-white.com/2010/10/plans/ten-dollar-ledges
jan 2012 ledges 007
jan 2012 ledges 008
jan 2012  projects III 025
and this is how the ledges ended up on the first night up…
Hello my name is ARod I’m a changeaholic
I know I need bigger frames but I figured if you build it they will come lol here’s hoping….

Stay tuned……ARod

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5 Responses

  1. J.Costa says:

    they look great !! and they are finally up ! hip hip hooray

  2. Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust says:

    Hey ARod, I’m also a change-a-holic! I admire your efforts to design an apartment space & make it your own. {NOT easy to do!} Love the ledges & I wish I had a Chino too! Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment, BTW.

    Warmly, Michelle

  3. Oh, I get it, I just need a Chino. hahaha Great project!!

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