On My Mind Monday a kitchen makeover

On my mind this Monday is a kitchen makeover.  If you follow me on instagram then you already know I’ve spent many a weekend painting.  I showered late last night, but still have paint on way to many of my body parts.  And I think I’m a neat painter.  lol Guess I’m really not so much.  In my defense I am painting the ceiling as well so little specks of paint land wherever they might in a kitchen makeover.

I am getting ahead of myself here, are you wondering what kitchen I am painting black & white.  Well it’s surely not mine as in it’s not in my apartment most landlords will not allow you to paint a kitchen  or cabinets black.  I sorta wish mine would. lol  I still do miss my apartment.  But getting a black and white kitchen does make me happy.

My honey said why don’t you paint it black & white.  The major reason for this could be that he is color blind and these are the two colors he can see.  I like to believe that he knows these are my favorate colors and hence choose them to please me.  Not really sure that that is the case but hey I’ll take whatever the reason is…

So here is how this kitchen looked to begin with.


 kitchen makeover

For some of the kitchen I removed doors and painted that way.  On the other half I left doors on.  I think for future I will leave all doors on.  Found it much easier to paint this way.  Also waiting for them to dry is easier while they are on cabinets.  Now the counter top still needs a face lift.  I know this and have been checking on different methods to change them up.

kitchen makeover

Have I ever mentioned how yellow is my least favorite color of all time.  It make me blue lol.

kitcheninprogress1015I spray painted all the knobs and outlet covers.  Rustoleum silver.  I edged out all the edges in white. I think this adds an extra pop.  Don’t you agree?

almost done



Hopefully some time soon the counter tops will get a new look.  But for now I’m calling this kitchen done.  I’m sure everyone will be happy to get back to eating in this kitchen.

Stay tunned…xoxo Arod

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11 Responses

  1. Carolann says:

    Love the transformation Anj! Wow you did a great job!

  2. I love that transformation a lot. You have good taste in colors and design. I look forward to seeing what other transformations you am going to do in your home.

  3. Sue says:

    You’ve done an amazing transformation in a short amout of time at your new home. Repainting the hardware is a big job let alone the cabinets too.

  4. Good decision with this make-over, I didn’t think yellow and blue go well together. When it’s time for you to work on your countertop, I think a white marble will look fantastic with your black painted cabinets. Great job!

  5. What a great transformation. Not just getting rid of the yellow, but also the redo of the handles made a huge difference. Thank you for being a part of our party SHARE IT one more time, Saturdays. It wouldn’t be a party without you! Have a great week! Rose, FineCraftGuild.com

  6. Thank you for contributing to Motivational Monday!

  7. You did a fabulous job. I have a white cabinet kitchen and would much rather they be black. But they aren’t real wood so I can’t paint them. Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday linkup and hope you join us again this weekend. Pinning to our linkup board.

  8. cebinc2004 says:

    This looks so much better!!

  9. Sue says:

    It was nice looking at what you did to the kitchen cabinets. This time I noticed the big outlet that is silver.

  10. Gail Akeman says:

    I like it. Thank you for joining the Small victories Sunday Linkup. Please join again. Pinned to the group board.