junk room back to paint room

So yesterday I let you all in, to see a crazy part of my obsession with stuff & how my painting/craft room could fast become a bad episode of hoarders.

Luckily I can say I have been motivated!  I am on the mend I’m cleaning up!! I will bring this room into a usable space.

Mom’s visit went well although she didn’t look into “the room.”

junk room back to paint room
So this is the room today.  There’s a dent cant you see it??  It’s a small dent but it is a dent!! here take a look at the before.

Now don’t you see… there’s a lil walkway and everything.  lol

I actually put away all the Christmas extra’s that were hanging around in this room.  I no I no were in March

I moved the mirror so that has found a new home.

A lamp in this picture has also found a new home.

I put away the candles.  At least those were only from February.

Oh and now here’s a call to my sisters {who are supposed to follow this blog… come get your stuff move it or lose it} I will pass it on to the next guy…

I’m finishing up a coffee table today for one of my sister’s…

IMG_2039 The other furniture in the background is for our new business Ashes Restored so technically not my junk so it was not shown in yesterday’s post.  see how i got around that…lol
Here’s where the lamp moved too in my sunroom.  I’m so loving it there so a new table will have to go there, as this bench is also outta here.  It’s new home will be at my sista’s place see lady it’s rette to gooooo Let’s get this move on!!

Ok so that is the progress for today folks.  Make sure to come back soon & I will hopefully have a fully functioning paint room soon fingers crossed

ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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