improvements are contagious….

I’m starting to believe improvements are contagious you see my friend Chino (the bestest handy man I know) had moved from his own apt about 3 yrs. ago into what was his dad’s apt (his dad retired and moved to PR) so for the last 3 yrs. when we would visit his place we would hang out in the bedroom as this was the 1 room that really looked like Chino’s place we would watch TV in there and as he has a couple of chairs in there we would sit and BS there too now I should tell you that the apt is a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom very nice ample apt but Chino’s room was the only place that really felt like him.  His dad had left him some furniture and he had a hodgepodge of stuff in the apt that belonged to some of his siblings (I think that stuff was there for the first 2 yrs. but is now finally gone)as well as his own furniture.

Now for the contagious part…once I moved in Sept 2011 (And I will take a moment to tell you he is the bestest mover eva eva lol) the fire of change has been sparked in Chino he is a man on a mission let me show you some of the work he has done

with a lil help of my favorite thing to do paint lol & in black tooooo

Here are some cabinets Chino’s old boss gave him as they were closing down the company and how we repurposed them to work in his homeWinking smile

bogstik 059

bogstik 051

bogstik 064

bogstik 065

here he is showing me where he screwed the two cabinets together to make 1 big display cabinet awesome

bogstik 082

yes he is totally painting from beige to beige this was not preapproved by me lol

bogstik 055

in the end all this work is really just so Chino can show off his toy collection

bogstik 084

Yes even I the GREAT Painter take phone breaks lol

bogstik 100

see my tape trick so I know which got painted first second & so on…


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4 Responses

  1. momto8 says:

    wow!! good for you! I know what you mean by contagious…fun though isn’t it?!

  2. I love this. I have one suggestion for you, when you are uploading your pictures….click on picture and see if you can make your images larger. Play with the sizes to see which will fit without spilling over. I would love to have a closer view of this fantastic job!