What I’m working on…

Well what I’m working on is allot.  I’m considering making this a weekly maybe bi-weekly post.  Or will maybe just be posting them occasionally.  Not sure let’s see how you all respond to this post.  As I won’t be trying to make these a pretty post.  There wont be some awesome before or after on this post.  Just a real-time real live look at the stuff I’m working on.

I pick up stuff I find on the streets.  Or at goodwill or a garage sale.  I even have great friends who sometimes even pick stuff up for me.  They call and say I found this great piece for you and I come running to pick it from them.  I can’t thank them enough.  (Thank you 😉 you know who you are.)  I bring this stuff home with all intentions of revamping restoring or re-doing them right away.  But then life gets in my way.  And so some of this stuff sits…

In my apt…

  • The buffet turned entertainment center  – I aquired this piece from another great friend who just knew I liked to restore old furniture pieces.  Wow now that I looked for a picture I realize I’ve had this peice since about Dec last yr.  It is really close to being done.  IMG_7999
  • J’s shot glass cabinet – My daughter is really close to turning 21 and has a fanicination with shot glasses so has built quite the collection we picked up this cabinet at Goodwill.   shotglassdisplay
  • Sunroom chair set – I got these through freecycle maybe over 2 years ago with all intentions of reupholstering these myself.  I started them but sadly they have yet to get done.  sunroomchairset

At my honey’s house…

  • Kitchen his yellow & blue kitchen are going black & white.  This is a big job and lucky for him having me who likes to paint.  But oh my did painting the ceiling kick my ass.  He had to break his no painting vow to help me.  lol So the ceiling got done and now I’m still working on the rest..kitchendarcyhouse
  • the backyard – I’ m by no means a gardner.  I have no idea what I’m doing but I like to think every little bit counts so I’m out there pulling weeds and killing bushes.  lol backyarddarcyhouse
  • my blogging area/the upstairs hall – As I spend more and more time at his house.  I’ve realized I need an area to work in as he doesn’t much like me blogging in bed as he tries to sleep.  lol He says the clicking bothers him. lol So I need to get rid of bulk garbage, paint walls, figureout how to install some sort of floor…and then of coarse my favorate part.  Decorate!!upstairshalldarcyhouse


So like I said this is a real look into the good the bad and the ugly of my projects.  I’m hoping that since I have shared these not so great pictures of my stuff.  It will now push me into getting them finished.  And writing up great post to show the finished projects.  I know that just like these projects have waited for a while so will new stuff that comes into my life.  Hence I will be able to show you more projects in waiting.

So now tell me which project are you looking forward to seeing me complete first??  You can leave me a comment below I love them.

xoxo Stay tunned… ARod

ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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5 Responses

  1. Carolann says:

    Oh wow how exciting to have all these wonderful projects going on at once! I can’t wait to see the Sunroom chair set and the painting! Please keep us updated!

    • ARod says:

      it’s a gift and a curse lol thanks so much I think the painted kitchen will be first done but as i’ve said life has its own plans lol

  2. Carolann says:

    lol I hear you on that one! Oh I love the results from painting! It’s going to look amazing I can tell! Looking forward to more pics! XO

  3. Sue says:

    I am really excited to see the chairs and the buffet before and after, plus you are kicking ass in the garden and the blogging area is going to be extensive for doing a floor! Gosh, it’s a lot. Keep us posted on progress.

  4. Candy S says:

    The sun room chairs are going to be real beauties when you are done. My entertainment center (not as classy looking as yours) in the living room started out life as a cherry buffet too. I painted it black and it looks great. I love the storage under the TV .