I got my stripes I got my stripes and I luff luff luff them

did you see this on instagram yesterdayIMG_4788

You never realize how long your commute is to work until you get to work at home I love my Job & and am very lucky to get to work at home sometimes well yesterday was one of those days
so of coarse my teenager wants to take advantage I’m home and have her boyfriend over well ok but If your in my house and if I’m in project mode look out you will get drafted {yes drafted no say no choice you do it} or get out lol
and I’ve been wanting stripes since _8/7_ I posted about it here
I’ve had this corner of the wall taped since I wrote above post cause I’m a tester I think I want something but I have to live with it for a while to be sure and I was sure of the stripes I just knew I needed help to tape off the wall if I wanted the tape to be straight/get straight stripes on the wall right?? lol 
so I’ve been asking my daughter to help but of coarse she has always got one thing or another going on teenagers ughhhhhhhhhhh
anyway I told my daughter if her boyfriend comes over they have to tape the wall for me

Here is me and her boyfriend doing the first tape and then I left them to it  photo (5)

well it took them a better part of the day I swear at least 5 hours to tape off the wall crazy right its not rocket science lol I kept walking into kitchen {oh yeah did I mention it’s the kitchen that got stripes} and shaking my head take it off its not straight please re-measure that’s not 9 inches and then reminding them about negative vs positive space forget it I gave them a headache for sho lol
I am one picky person but in the end its so worth it
so @ 5pm when I was done with work & a quick change from the pj’s {another awesome fabulous perk of wah PJ’s all day lol} I changed into my painting clothes and it took me no lie 20 min for the first coat I let it dry about 15 then started on the second coat and removed tape right after {everybody/HGTV says for clean lines remove tape while paint is still wet} so again I swear no lie my stripes were done within an hour awwwwwwwesome

photo (6)

yes that mat is gonna need a spruce up now but don’t my stripes look good???
Here’s the before & after

kitchen stripes bna

**the before is old pic of the kitchen I have since freecycled that dresser onto someone who needed it and the microwave and toaster are in a different part of kitchen now
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3 Responses

  1. J.Costa says:

    Stripes look awesome

  2. Gwen Parker says:

    Great job. That looks amazing.

    I just seen you linked up at the Unhinged Blog Hop. Sorry it took me so long to get over here to visit you. 🙂

    I subscribed to your post via Google Reader. Have a great day love.

    Gwen @ http://www.alittleunhinged.com

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