how to make a rustic personal gift

Here’s how I made a rustic personal gift for my niece, bestie & roomie all rolled into one.

Much like her very creative aunt {me } she is very creative.  She tends to be so with food & travel so when I had the opportunity to work with Custom Cut Décor I thought why don’t I do something to inspire my roomie in her favorite room of our place the kitchen.



 rustic personal gift

I was able to order a few pieces from Custom Cut Décor.  Wait till you see all the amazing options you have to pick from.  There is totally something for everyone on their site.  Go see.

With just a hammer, screwdriver and some nails I was off to the races.  OK so no races but went to my backyard where I already had some extra pallets.  Who doesn’t keep an extra pallet or two handy?  Have you all seen my pallet garden?

Ok maybe just me but let’s go on.  I took off 4 boards off a pallet and screwed them together with some l brackets I picked up at my local hardware store.

I next went about placing my letters and getting them nailed or screwed in.  For the word signs I used tiny 1/2 inch nails.  Hence the needle head pliers you see above.  No way to hold such a tiny nail and get the hammer to hit it.  It might just be me but my thumbs are fatty!

Go follow her on Instagram, you’ll love it but don’t blame me if it makes you hungry.

I love that she loved this rustic personal gift.  We both now get to enjoy it in our kitchen every day.


rustic personal gift

Don’t you think its a perfect addition over my hutch.

Eat, love, wine, wander.  The Allie Way



I’d love to hear which rustic pieces you love best from

Custom Cut Décor was nice enough to sponsor this post. All opinions are my own.

I was thrilled to be working along with the following ladies on this post

You can visit any of their blogs and see more awesomeness as they worked with Custom Cut décor as well.



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2 Responses

  1. Carolann says:

    I love the way this turned out Anj. What a great and crafty idea! It looks perfect hung over your beautiful hutch!

  2. Jolanda DiLeo says:

    This is Awesome my lady!!!. Great job, I like the rustic look… thumbs up!!!