how to do black on black when you started with wrong black


Hi I want to share with  you all my mistake so you don’t make it.  How to do black on black when you started with the wrong black.  When I first moved into this apartment in April it will be two years now.  Well as soon as the landlord ok’d my painting the bedroom black. {shocked face who does that}  I knew I wanted a black on black look.  I bought both paint cans at the same time.  I bought 1 can of flat paint and 1 with high shine.  Well I got so excited to paint the walls I started with the flat paint without thinking it through.

I was covering a shiny red paint with flat black paint.  Well it wasn’t till I was all done and out of flat paint, that I realized.  I would not be able to tape the walls for my tone on tone idea.  As every where you hit the wall paint would chip off.   So a year goes by and the walls are flat black… with more then a few chips.  What can I say I like to move furniture around.

how to do black on black

Along comes a chance to work with Cutting Edge Stencils.  Well yay yes I’ll get these walls fixed yet.  And boy did I if I do say so myself.

Cutting Edge Stencils was awesome enough to supply me with these awesome stencils I got to pick out.

Starburst Zinnia


Zinnia Grande




Dahlila  Grande


Now I love me some flowers.  Have you seen my pallet garden?  But my bedroom is happily a black room.  I love the black on the walls.  To my its just so chic.

I pulled out that old can of unopened shiny black paint.  Well I had it give it a very very good stirring.  And it was ready to go.  Like I said above putting the flat black paint on the walls is not the way to go.  But I work with what I have so with these new stencils I knew what I would do.

I used thumb tacks to hold up the stencil.  Gave each stencil a good two coats and pop them right off.  It worked like a charm.

I was careful and used the same hole to keep the stencil in good shape.  For future use of coarse.

I love how the wall behind my bed now pops with shine.

I’m loving it!  What do you all think?

Surprise there’s a giveaway…




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9 Responses

  1. Carolann says:

    Love the black on black Anj. The flowers are so pretty. What a great idea.

  2. Sue says:

    That is clever to use the shiny black on the flat black for your stenciled wall that is now awesome and looks like a custom design ready to be famous.

  3. jamille costa says:

    wow that looks great !!!! I love the stencils ! great job

  4. Jolanda DiLeo says:

    This looks great my sissy!!!!

  5. Jo says:

    I like the way the shiny black pops off the flat black. Good job

  6. I actually love the flat black and shiny black flowers. The shine adds so much pop. Wonderful vision to see all of these stencils working together. Lovely job. So glad you finally got your black bedroom.

  7. This looks really pretty and adds to the “chic-ness” of the original black paint. Nice job and I love the stencils you chose!

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