he lures me in with Paint ….

he lures me in with paint….and then!!! who ends up washing his little toy collection by hand and drying each one ughhhhhhhhhhhh you guessed it yours truly  he knows I can’t resist an invitation to paint and switches the game on me


I was also not happy it was beige paint ughhhhhh but Chino gets it free from his rental company so beige it is!!  He had moved most his furniture into the bedrooms so we had a pretty clean slate to work with.


Notice how he conveniently forgot to move below toy collection …… hmmmm

So he says to me don’t you think we should give them a wash.  We?? There’s no we there’s me and off I go to wash each and everyone of these.




These toys are his “thing” I don’t understand it or like it but its his thing not mine, the things we do for friends:  he moves furniture for me I wash his toys.  Life is a wonderful give and take. When you find great friends in your life there isn’t anything you wouldn’t do for them.  Even wash what felt like fifty million little cars.  lol

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