Happy Earth day

earth day

Happy Earth day

Happy Earth day I hope your taking some time today to smell the roses. Or heck plant a bush…

happy earth day

Happy Earth day everyone.  Take a look around you & enjoy your life.  However hectic or crazy it may be.  It’s the only life you get so live it to the fullest.  Be sure to take care of the earth you live it.  So there will be earth left for your children, and their children.

Consider a little volunteer work at you neighborhood park.  Maybe even your local hospital could use some of your free time.  These are some of the ways I recycle my time and try to help this world I am living in.

What are you doing to save the earth?  Tell me maybe it’s something I would enjoy as well?

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  1. Thanks for visiting the Mom’s Monday Mingle… I had a blast co-hosting cause I got to find great blogs like yours! Following you here and everywhere. Happy Earthday!