Halloween 2017

If you follow me on Instagram then you have already seen all of Halloween 2017.  It’s my go to social platform to share my décor and DIY’s.  Be sure to follow me over there and you can see it all real time as it’s happening.


Halloween 2017

This year I didn’t purchase 1 single thing.  I just used what I had on hand and gave it new life with spray paint.  The skeleton’s that hung all over my #lilurbanjungle were purchased last year after Halloween at dollar tree.

Thrifty tip:  Always buy décor after the holiday you can get great stuff for 1/2 off

I just spray painted them my new favorite color copper.  Used a black magic marker to give them there blacked out eye sockets.  The skulls thought it was too bright in the jungle so they wore shades.  Just some old ones my grandson had outgrown.  It gave him such a kick to see them wearing them.

I love hosting a pumpkin painting night and this year was fun for me and the grandson.  The nephews were more entertained by their video games but had some fun with me none the less.

On Halloween we go to my sister’s neighborhood to go trick or treating…

The absolute best part was my grandson announcing after every single house “I got more candy” it brought him and us such joy


And that folks was our Halloween 2017

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2 Responses

  1. Your Halloween decor is great and love that you painted your pumpkins with your grand boy! You guys look like you were have a great time!

  2. Carolann says:

    Love your decor, Anj. I also love that you hosted a pumpkin party! What fun. Everything looked amazing!