Graduation party

Hello all yes it’s Thursday, it’s been a crazy crazy weekend around here.
Graduation was last Friday night.  For both my niece & my baby so my family really did some running around.  Thanks to those of you who ran from one to the other.
IMG_4342 IMG_4378 IMG_4390
After there was dinner @Applebees.
IMG_4399For my princess yes that’s a GRAD tiara.  Of coarse after dinner she took off with her cousins to meet up with friends.  They were home by 12, as I asked cause I wanted them all in good moods for the party on Saturday

Saturday was super super crazy.  Aren’t all party days that way?? the party was supposed to start at 1pm but I think it was 3pm when the tables, chairs & grill got here.  Yes most our guest were already here.  And yes I totally put everyone to work to get it set up and then the fun began…
IMG_4433 A view from above as were setting up.  Thank you all my friends & family for being here, for setting up, for having fun.  My sista Magz rocked the grill.
IMG_4434 And yes folks there were men there that would’ve liked to handle the grilling but my sista wouldn’t  hear of it.  Grilling is totally her thing.  Thank you thank you grill master Magz. Oh and special thanks to my sista Tata who didn’t get to enjoy the party as she was flying to FL this day,  but did come early to help set up and make her amazing potatoes salad which was the first thing to run out as everyone I mean everyone raved about it. Thanks Tata (btw everyone will be inviting you & your amazing salad to BBQ’s)
IMG_4436Here are some shots of all the party fun…

DSC_2732 Some of my favorite cousins.

My dearest HS friend came and it meant so much to me  Thanks doll. She might kill me for saying this but would you believe it’s been 26 yrs since our graduation?  Where has the time gone lolDSC_2734
DSC_2797 J with her friends & cousin’s and of coarse my partner had to get in on the fun.  lol He’s such a photo bomber lolDSC_2799 I didn’t get a chance to decorate the cake so we had plain cake.
cakefacegraduation Of coarse there was a cake face rumble between cousins.  With both ending up with happy cake faces.DSC_2776

Well did everything go as planned Heck no!! but it was a good no great time. And I know this as I’ve been to busy cleaning up to get this post done. Yes indeed a GREAT TIME.
Oh and I only lost 1 of my Milk glass vases I saw it drop out of my nephews’ hand & was too party happy to even care.  I’ll totally get to hunt for its replacement.

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ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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