goodwill thrifting

its funny how you could go by something and never see it there until either you make a visit or someone tells you about a great find and maybe your interests gets sparked so you realize you’ve seen a goodwill somewhere….
I’ve told my coworker, my friend Jamille of my awesome finds/transformations into awesome…. and as she is starting out in photography, while working a full time job. (along side me)  She is also in college going to school part time after work.  I really admire her dedication to furthering her education.  anyway where was I sorry so her photography she had a baby shoot scheduled for this weekend, and she came across the idea for a baby in basket shot.  so off we went to a goodwill store that she thought she had seen on her way to a college visit….. took us a little navigating but no thanks to siri (I’m not yet liking her she can get snippy….)lol
Here are 2 baskets we found for her & a little pink bench that I will need to make more unisex but it didn’t work out for this weekend I tried something but it failed.
we figured depending on baby size and the blankets parents provide one of these two would work out but they needed to be cleaned up and spiffed up…
so we picked up this can of spray paint
first I washed every this with lots of hot water and soap then put in window to air-dry and as it was a beautiful spring afternoon I decided to bring outside and paint
again I think it was my addiction to either diy or hgtv where is saw the tip about spray painting things in a box…Winking smile
looky how well they turned out but below is my project fail on the stool she wanted an aged vintage look I will have to paint this….
my awesome find of the weekend I actually owe to Jamille who spotted this upon entering the store and grabbed and brought it right over to me…..
it will be the opposite match to my other jewelry tray rub n buff redo (from here) awesome!!!!!! and I also added to my white milk glass collection look Smile
and some awesome finds for the bar reveal is almost ready I promise its coming stay tuned hee hee….
here’s where the white milk stuff went all washed and sitting pretty
this is was my first jewelry tray redo cant wait to show you the new one..
FotoFlexer_Photo jewelry tray
Stay tuned……ARod
if you want to see some awesome pictures by Jamille please visit her FB page <here   

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2 Responses

  1. J.Costa says:

    3 things !!!

    1) thank you for your kind words 🙂 you put a smile on my face and i really appreciate you as a co-worker/ friend.

    2) this day was so awesome !!! i think we both left that good will store happy as ever 🙂 The baskets look great !!

    3) the bench i was thinking would even look cute in black or a metallic color. Even the color of the baskets would be nice with a stencil ? the one you have all over your home ? let me know your thoughts on it.

  2. Jennifer @ Town and Country Living says:

    Great finds!