Getting spooky around here

The best thing about October is that you get to Boo tify your home.  Hence it is getting spooky around here…

And by spooky I of coarse mean black and white and some glam.  This year its looking like gold is my accent but you know I love all metallic colors so I wouldn’t be surprised if a new one jumps in as well.  I love to mix my metals.


Getting spooky around here…

Of course my living room ledges are the first to get there spook on.  I love getting spooky and try to do it as soon as October arrives.  I then spend the rest of the month either adding to or changing it around.  It’s a great fall activity.

This black skeleton has now been around here for a couple of years and I like trying to change up his positions over the years.


vs this year…livingroomledgeshalloween2016


The turned around bar was next to get some Halloween on.  My grandson says pumpkins every time he sees it all lit up.  It’s the sweetest thing and brings me so much joy to see his little face light up.  A child’s joy is so contagious.


Doesn’t the black & white pumpkin still look good.  My niece and I had such fun decorating this pumpkin a few years back.  I love the tender memories it brings me.  The rest of the house is getting spooky too.  I’m still tweaking and adding so it might all change.

This is what it’s looking like now.  The ghost are all gathering on top of the white milk glass collection.  On one side of the living room.

The kitchen and front door facing in got some little touches of spooky.  The glass chalkboard got a new fall quote “Autum leaves{I drew the leaves} and Pumpkins {also drawn} Please”

Soon I’ll be sharing how some new dollar store decor is getting spooky around here.  You know it always involves a little DIY so

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4 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    Happy Halloween Anj, you have outdone yourself this year. It is so sweet to read how enchanted your grandson is with the pumpkins and I imagine it is a delight for him to come to your decorated home.

  2. Carolann says:

    Very adorable Anj! I love the bootify home thing. I love your decorations they are perfect for Halloween spirit!