from lollygagging to shopping

well if you saw my last post (lollygagging) I was getting off computer to go do some work……

and then Laughing out loud my daughter j got up & actually wanted to come out with me hmmmm so off we went we were supposed to go over to goodwill (you know budget friendly shopping) and some how or another (teenagers ughhhh) ended up at a verizon store

now I have been waiting on the iPhone 4s to come into stock forever it feels like (I was a blackberry b4) but iPhone had hooked me with the promise of siri who will do & find everything for me how could I not (also this blog was a big push to go iPhone as the camera is so much better than blackberry) so I they had it in stock in white and I did I made the switch – my daughter who’s birthday is in 4 days proceeded to throw tantrum in the store (no screaming or anything ) but definitely many tears omg you would have thought it was her birthday today she begged me I said no she called grandma who said what did mommy say!!! and then just sat and cried in the store as they hooked up my iPhone it was not pretty oye vay

so we leave Verizon (and yes ppl I held my ground and did not get her phone – guy behind the counter helped me when he saw her tantrum was melting me he said be strong) so with only 1 iPhone we left store and we head to do some clothes shopping which is what I had offered her was an outfit for her birthday of coarse you know at this point I am dragging her around nothing was appealing to her ughhhhhhhhhh

we stop in at a beauty supply and I buy her some weave (fake hair that she will glue into her head ugh don’t get me started) but as I am trying to get her out of her poor me funk I get her the dang hair & glue still pouting

then we find the following ammmazzzing shoes we both Winking smile luff luff luff did I mention were the same shoe size weeeeepa



@Mandee’s got j the cheetah ones and the black in the back are mine for $10 bux cha ching

photo (1)

photo (3)

These are Michael Kor’s on sale at Marshall’s for 50 did I mention we share shoe size Winking smile

photo (2)

and these are for momma oh yeah come to momma Guess @ Marshall’s on sale for 30

so now maybe I’m off to do some projects hee hee

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  1. I LOVE those shoes!!! Thanks so much for coming by, I’m happy to be your newest follower.
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog