from co workers to friends….

I have 2 coworkers in my department which I had transferred into a year ago next month.  and we have fast gone from coworkers to friends….

Now this is nothing new to me some of my longest (oldest) friends are people I have worked with but it never seizes to amaze me when it happens.  You go to work together every day and spend 8 hours together 5 days a week, so it is awesome when you can get to the point where you genuinely like the people and look forward to being with them. (which you know doesn’t happen all the time)

so last weekend we schedule a movie date for just us ladies to go check out the AMC theaters in Menlo Park where you dine & drink in theater what what (Hands in the air lol) I love love loved it I don’t think I could do a regular movie again


Can not praise it enough definitely the way to go to the movies…..had a fabulous time with my friends Smile 

both my coworkers upon visiting my place (for the first time) have brought me the cutest housewarming gifts…those girls were so raised right!! lol

From Jamille


this awesome canvas because she knew I was going w a black & white theme its living in my sunroom


this great vase matches my cabinets exactly so living in the kitchen

From Andrea


these adorable glasses that are just waiting for the bar to be finished so they hang out in there new home


this great candle that smells ammmazzzing and its already found a new home in pretend “fireplace” see below


so now im totally on the look out for more turquoise blue to add to my pretend “fireplace” stay tuned for the update to this

and im using the holder as catcher for corks as I’ve seen some amazing stuff done w corks lately in “blogland” I might want to try one and a girl gots to start somewhere lol


Both these women have gone from coworkers to friends and I cant wait to see what life brings us all ……I look forward to work because of them and enjoy my team so much

Thank you both for being my friend Winking smile

Stay tuned……ARod

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  1. J.Costa says:

    aw how touching !!!! 🙂 you are a great friend to have buddy & we lufff yaaaaa xoxoxoxox