It’s finally beginning to look a little like Christmas 2013

The rest of the world is already ready.  And I have finally gotten started… Better late than never right?  lol My Christmas 2013 is underway.  It’s finally beginning to look like Christmas is here.  I’ve been asked how big my apt is and I’m sorry to say I don’t know I never asked.  It seemed big enough.  And from when I first moved in here I thought I might be able to one day do two tree’s . {I dream of big house’s with tree’s in the pallor, dining room, family room and so fourth} A girl can dream right.   So this year  as I have shared in my instagram this week.  I’v gone ahead and splurged a little and gotten another tree.  I really love the look the smell the price of live tree’s .  I also dream of going and chopping our tree in the woods.  But my man is not having it.  He can be somewhat of a grumpy Gus . {luckily he doesn’t read the blog} So the compromise I buy a fake tree and like when we tried this about 5 yrs ago I ended up buying another white tree.  I try and like the green fake tree’s but I just cant.  If it’s not going to smell of piney goodness.  Well then at least it can be a stunning brilliant beautiful white.  Right??

Life has been a bit crazy hectic around here and who’s isn’t I know aye yae yae…christmas-2013.html Tree #2 which was last year only tree got moved into the sun room.  I’ts a 6 1/2 ft tree on one of my living room end table so it can be seen out the windows in the sun room.  I do love when I pull up to the house now and see this beauty in the window.


I got lucky at Kmart and got the new living room tree.  A 7 ft Preston on sale for $135 I think that was a pretty good deal, as were sure to enjoy this pre-lit beauty for years to come.

IMG_7604 I actually bought some extra lights but I might not even use them as I think it’s pretty well lit.  Right?? Do you think it need’s more lights?  Tell me now!!


I again used my vintage luggage as the tree stand.  IMG_7608

I’ve moved my personalized dollar store Christmas stockings over by the living room tree. And still need to work on some stockings for CoCo & Nina {our soon to be new puppy}IMG_7609

I shared them first over when they were on my fantel.  The fantel got a few changes and I’ll reveal it this week.

my fantel dollar store decor


Now I’m off to decorate my tree’s.  What are you working on?? Is your whole house ready for Christmas yet??

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ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects

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2 Responses

  1. Your tree is absolutely perfect, doesn’t need any more lights, maybe some ornaments?!? Ha, ha!
    I haven’t even bought my tree yet: you’re ahead of me!

  2. Gracie says:

    Love your tree! it really does look a lot like Christmas at your house! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing