entry hallway $100 room challenge week 1 and 2 updates

I mentioned on Thursday when i updated you all with what I’m working on around here, that I’ve joined a $100 dollar room challenge.  The room I’ve chosen to do is my entry hallway.  I’m embarrassed to show you what this room has been looking like since I moved in.  It’s time has finally come to look pretty.

entry hallway

Yes it’s a pretty sad picture.  There is a open nook under the stairway to other apartments and for the last 2 years I’ve been using it as my catch all.  Things going out to good will got stacked here.  Things that had not yet found there way into the apartment also got stored there.  Luggage and some furniture with no where to go were also hanging out there.  Basically it was a mess a very sad mess.

So first things first I needed a plan what did I want this entry hallway to look like.  Definitely not the junk pile that it was.  So I cleaned out the space.  Every thing either found it rightful place in the apartment or headed out to good will where it belonged.

entry hallway the plan

The 3 step plan

1  Find a better use for this nook.

2  The wall needs something paint, stencil or art.  Something to make it a feature.  something to welcome you in.

3  The floor – this will be the hardest part.  I rent I do not own so changing the floor is not really an option.

One of the pieces of furniture I had hanging out there was a toddler bed gifted to me for my grandson.  So I needed to make room in the apartment for it.  He is two years old and spends weekends here with me so I think it’s time he got his own little area here.  The extra room I have is the craft/closet room.  So it was time to  change things up.  Once this little nook was cleaned out it looked like just about the right space for my a craft closet.  So the change up began.

I really really didn’t like the look of the floor and even tho it would be covered by my donna dresser I decided to paint it.  Of course I had some black paint on hand so that was a no brain-er for me.  The floor in the nook went black.  But I felt like it needed something else.  So I grabbed a ruler and chalk board marker and viola.

I made the brick lines with chalkboard marker so they are erasable.  If I owned or wanted this to be more permanent I would have sealed it with some polyurethane.

Here’s what the Donna dresser looked like in my craft room.  Time to move this bad boy/girl out.


And here she is in the nook.

Oh yes step 1 of this plan is coming together awesomely.

I’ve now got the perfect crafting supplies nook.

So as adorable as I think this corner has turned out its not something i want people to see while entering my apartment.  So here was the first expenditure of this challenge,  I went to my local thrift store on a 50% off day.

And picked up some curtains for this corner.  Each set was marked 9.99 I got two sets for $5 each.  So from my $100 I’ve now spent $10 leaving me with $90 more to spend.

entry hallway hidden craft nook

Be sure to come back next week and see how the wall changes.  This entry hallway is really coming together now.

week 3 update how I went from hoarder to gallery wall

signiture from blog



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9 Responses

  1. What a great idea!!! I love what a difference the black paint makes and it is the perfect little nook to hide everything. Thanks for linking this up to the Inspiration Galore Project Party last week. You are one of my Features over at Recreated Designs this Sunday. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I love the faux brick floor! It looks fantastic!

  3. Sue says:

    You just made a faux floor, just like that. You’re amazing Anj.

  4. Jamala says:

    That was a clever idea to paint the floor faux brick! Great job

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