easy DIY with spray paint

One of my favorite by far are the easy DIY with spray paint I do.  Here is a little round up of some of the projects that got done this summer, with just some Krylon spray paint.  I love using spray paint in the summer because it so much easier to do them outside.  You can’t beat how fast and easy something can be transformed.

Easy DIY with spray paint

As you can see lots of different things got new looks.  Heck nothing was safe from my spray paint madness.

It started with this trash to treasure mirror.  I found it in a neighbors trash and actually grabbed it up for one of my sisters who had asked me to search for a mirror.  Well I grabbed this baby right up know I could give it new life.  I sent her a picture and she said nah I pass.  I said well ok then welcome home to my house it will go.

The mirror is actually not in the finished collage above as I still haven’t decided to how I want to change the gold accents it has.  I know they will get changed but for now I hung it in living room and called it a day.  You can see it in this Instagram post right here.


Once you see something get transformed so quickly and easily it’s hard not to stop.

These stools and planters were next on my hit list.  The planters are outside by my pallet garden and I love that spray paint is weather proof.  They have held up awesomely all summer.

Like I said before ones the itch strikes nothing is safe.  So my fan got a new look too.  Don’t you just love it?


Next up this little vanity seat was another trash find.  I went to dinner with a friend on my birthday and right where we parked was this little seat looking super sad.  Well I was a little embarrassed to tell my friend hey can we grab this and put it in your car so I just glanced at it and headed into the restaurant.  Well when we came out she says to me Anj I think you could something with this piece.  And I almost jumped on her with delight yes yes yes let’s take it home.

easy DIY with spray paint

I ripped the seat off it right then and there.  I knew I would do something else with this frame.  Soon as I got it home I checked thru my wood piles and found the two pieces that would fit it perfectly.  It was just meant to be.  Hello beautiful plant stand I love you.

So if the itch strikes you grab a can of paint and transform something.  I promise you won’t regret it.

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17 Responses

  1. Carolann says:

    Well, Anj, you truly worked your magic with these pieces. I love the mirror and the plant stand.

  2. Sabrina Fox says:

    I don’t ever do DIY’s but I just moved into a new apartment and I’ve been exploring ideas more and more. You definitely have a knack for making things look better!

  3. Belle says:

    Such a great DIY! I love how they turned out! These are amazing!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  4. Lyndsey says:

    this turned out so incredible!! you’re so crafty!

  5. These look awesome. I live the fan.

  6. You make it look so easy and I love all the metalics. What a great way to update some older pieces!

  7. These look great!! I am especially loving the fan–how creative! I need to get brave enough to spray paint a few things around my house!!

  8. Nita says:

    I love how creative this idea is..

  9. Metallic spray paint? Count me in, just need to find something to spray paint. Thanks for sharing!