done in May 2018

Hello folks, here’s your update on what was done in May around the apartment.

done in May

May is a great month for my family on top of celebrating Mother’s day.  We all get my mom’s birthday on the 28th as well as the grandson’s on the 15th the King of our castle has turned 4.  Life is moving way to fast, but what can you do.

Sadly my mom did not get to celebrate her birthday this year as her brother passed just two days before.  She traveled to her home country of Dominican Republic to be with his family.


We hope and pray that we will make up for it next year when we celebrate her 80th year around the sun.

While she was out of town I took the opportunity to paint my bedroom.  It went from the standard apartment beige to a fabulous grey by Sherwin Williams called Ironore.  It is fabulously dark so dark it looks black in  most pictures.

bedroom before

bedroom after

I think in this picture you can actually see the grey.  That little corner that you see to the right is actually black as that is the entry to my bedroom and I wanted it to stand out so changes are in store for that corner still.

Needless to say I’m in love with the dark moody bedroom.  It is just so me…

Yes there is a set of bay window’s in my bedroom.  This apartment has bay windows in almost every room minus the kitchen.  Which does still have 4 windows just not bay.  It’s one of the awesome features I fell in love with soon as I visited this apartment.

So not that much got done this month, but what did get done made me very happy.

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  1. Carolann says:

    Your apartment has made wonderful and exciting updates, Anj! I love that ironore color too! Dark and moody is perfect for a cozy bedroom!

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