Done in August 2018

Ok I must be honest not to much got done in August 2018.  It’s a hot month and I would much rather spend my time at the beach or pool.  It’s been a rainy summer which I think contributed to the flowers being in extra bloom.  I’ve pick up gladiolus every week I can find them at either Trader Joe’s or Whole foods those are my go to spots for flowers. 

Grandson is a water baby

Brooklyn weekend are the best weekends…

Have you been to Coney Island? My  mom would always take us to this beach as kids.  I think that because she only  knew NY she wasn’t aware of the jersey shore.  Now Brooklyn beaches bring me fond memories of my childhood.  But I do totally prefer the Jersey shore for vacationing and spending overnights at the beach. 

Ok I lied I just realized a project did get done in August.  This light fixture got a new look.  The top picture was my inspiration and you   can see here that I got pretty close.  I’m pretty happy with this 2 hour (tops) project.  The longest part was waiting for the paint to dry…

done in August

Stay tunned


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