done in April 2018

Here’s what got done in April 2018 around the apartment and per my Instagram feed.

Do you follow me there?  you should….

done in April

It’s my favorite social media platform.  The one I keep most current.  The one you’ll find me on most everyday.  If you watch my stories you’ll get a behind the scenes to the most current events.

Here’s the end of March round up

So from the above round up I can tell you the social room was painted.  The living room was well underway to being finished painting.  The social room mantel went from painted wood looking to a beautiful sparkle ling glitter gold by rustoleum.  Best decision I made thus far in this apartment.

Seems like in March was when I moved the table from the kitchen and into my social room.  As I had set it up for a poker party.

In April I got my sister’s chair started with it’s transformation.

This chair is still in process now (Sept please don’t judge some projects take longer then other) especially when you run out of paint and the owner doesn’t go buy more.  Yep talking to you my sista.

The social room fireplace tiles got a new look.  With some left over walls republic wallpaper I had lying around.

And on the last night in April my mind was made up and I started painting my bedroom.  Can you guess what color it went?

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