display case–sneak peak–spoiler alert

lol because I just cant wait I have had a great day today!!!  I finally got moving on a project oh yeah (I’m doing a dance…)
I have finally started on display case and surprisingly covered about 65%  of both sides today hip hip hooray
this was my testing stage on the bar with scotch tape so I could see if I like the pattern and I did I fell in luff luff luff with it I was thrilled with my idea so I went right to work on getting this display case project moving once I had started I was so happy it was so easy to do
Here’s the real thing…….

display case sneak peak

display case sneak peak
I’m loving it!!!! (I feel like a huge yellow M should pop up lol) cause of course the commercial is now playing in my mind anyway

Hope you are having a fabulously productive day
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