CRAZY 4 CoCo #3

crazy 4 coco log0_thumb[2]
“CRAZY 4 CoCo” Tuesday’s
CoCo vs the living room end table
here’s them side by side
CoCo’s a pretty big boi you see

so 4th of July is not a dog’s holiday it’s really not and my poor CoCo was not a happy camper take a look at what  he decided to do once fireworks began

coco vs end table
hands down I think he won the side table didn’t stand a chance lol
I would have never thought he could fit in there and if I hadn’t witnessed it I would never believe but I saw it heck I photographed lol thank god for cell phones lol

it took a while but we finally got back to this once fireworks ended and j and I stopped rolling around laughing at poor CoCo while trying to soothe himIMG_3481

sorry about the blurry pic but you didn’t really want to see out toes… lol so it kinda worked out
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3 Responses

  1. Lynn @ UpCountry Olio says:

    Poor, poor CoCo. The 4th really isn’t a dog’s favorite holiday. My dog would get so nervous that he would give himself diarrhea, then it wasn’t so funny. (I’m not sure why I thought I needed to tell you that). Hope that you had a wonderful holiday and that CoCo is back to normal!


  2. Claiming Our Space says:

    Poor puppy! I can’t believe he fit into that little space. Glad he survived the holiday.

  3. momto8blog says:

    oh my gosh! we just got our puppy 10 days before the holiday and were not sure what would happen…he did not even notice the fireworks!! but he hates vacuums..go figure?!