CRAZY 4 CoCo #13

crazy 4 coco log0_thumb[2]
“CRAZY 4 CoCo” Tuesday’s
This past weekend CoCo took his first vacation/road trip across 2 state lines it was an awesome adventure and he behaved so well I’m a proud doggie mama

We decided to do this trip on Friday afternoon 

Quick bath for the CoCoster cant have a smelly dog in a car right??
amazing how much stuff you need 2 bags for me 2 for him…
Rett to gooooooo…….


knocked out hee hee

We were there for Bike Week here CoCo guards the bikes..


I was so pleasantly surprised by how well he behaved he’s a good dog
One of his favorite pass times was watching all the bikes go by from our balcony
Hanging at HammerHeads on the Boardwalk

Our trip was over all too soon but what an awesome long weekend it was

love this pic looks like he’s checking that the boys are right behind us where they should be lol

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3 Responses

  1. May says:

    He is such a sweet dog.. I can see it was all fun..
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following back and I look forward being part of your blog..

  2. Dani - Diane - ATA Girls says:

    I love pictures of your CoCo! Thanks for sharing. Stop by and see what we’re up to –

  3. J.Costa says:

    love this !!!! awesome trip <3 gtta love me some coco