Craft room organizational spring changes

Spring is such a great time to get some cleaning done.  So of coarse I thought this would be a great time to make some organizational spring changes to my craft/closet room.  I told you all how my awesome friend came over right after I moved in here and set up all the closet wall stuff I already had from some of my previous closets.  Well other then using this room to hang up clothes to dry on the closet side.  Or take the pictures of my thrifty finds I really hadn’t done much else in this room.  And I thought now a great time to finally get all boxes unpacked.  Get my tools and paints organized and finally get back to work on some projects.  I might have left forgotten.


organizational spring changes

The right side corner of my craft room pictured above is the before how this corner started out with just stacks of old crates.  Some of them were warped so I really wanted to get rid of them.  I found this oh so easy to build wire shelf at my local national liquidators.  I don’t know why I thought it would fit just everything.  It did take up a lot of that stuff that was just strewn around the floor.


I found the shelf so easy to build.  I was surprised at how lightweight it felt.  Yet when constructed really seems super sturdy.  I had barely finished fitting this one in the room when I decided I would need another ASAP!!  See above where I even made room for it in the room.  I order the second wire shelf system threw amazon.  It was here in 2 days I just love my amazon prime membership.

CONTACTPAPERFIXA project within a project but of coarse that’s how I roll {pun intended lol}.  If I was going to put a shelf in from of that shoe rack which I’m not sure I’m keeping but for now does hold shoes.  Then of coarse it needed a little face lift.  I used some thumb tacks to hold the paper in place as it is just contact paper but like I said I’m not sure I’m keeping the it so could reuse the paper somewhere else.  😉


When the additional rack came in two days later I was so ready for it.


I am beyond excited at the way this room is finally coming together.  Be sure to come back next week to see some pretty changes I am adding.

So tell me what is your favorite change in this room?

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4 Responses

  1. Carolann says:

    What a great storage unit! I think it’s the perfect way to store all of your crafting items. I love when everything is organized and in it’s place.

  2. Sue says:

    Wow, you got the wall painted fast and now two shelves up. You’re spring changes look great Anj.

  3. jamille says:

    looks great ! cant wait to see the final picture

  4. You are on a roll! Getting organized makes you feel so good once you’re done. I love that shelf too looks super sturdy!