coming up roses…..

I’m just feeling like that. (can you tell by new background it used to be black & white swirly and will probably go back to that) I thank GOD I smile I toil (I like the way that word sounds lol)

I’ve washed the sangria glasses

jan 2012  projects V.2 004

I’ve gotten candies, crafts & even yummy cheesecakes that I cant wait to defrost (you didn’t think I made them Winking smile) and now there predicting snow……

I’m priming the heck out of all my new pieces (see backstory here) and am so excited to do something with them although I’m still a lil unclear as to what I’m doing I know it will come to me

FOR BAR>>just need some velvet wallpaper to jump out at me from somewhere …….My bar needs it!! then my vision will come together (remember my inspirations)

jan 2012  projects VI 015


For Closet Display case I can go a lil wild as it will be in my closet and only I will generally see Winking smile it lol

jan 2012  projects V 104

I have no real idea of what I want to display although I think some of my purses will make the cut….and I’ve been considering collecting carousel horses I used too do this in my teens and early 20’s and over the years have lost my whole collections the last one broke right before this last move in Sept Sad smile but maybe now that I have this bonus display case its time to start a new collection oh happy day Smile

TV cabinet – another bonus Love FREECYCLE.ORG (see here)

I’m also priming but think this piece will go white not sure yet ……

oh and I got to learned something on this cabinet how to drill a hole…yay

my bests’ BIL (brother in law) let me borrow his drill as he had the right bit/piece or whatever its called that you attach to it to make the perfect hole omg and I did it!!!

jan 2012  projects V 115

jan 2012  projects V 116

I think I saw it on some DIY show to put tape down makes smoother cut I think it worked…


jan 2012  projects V 122


jan 2012  projects V 124

OH YEAH!!!! I can make a hole…lol anyone need a hole…call me lol

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