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I created my own hashtag anyone can do it really.  Just add a hashtag sign in front of a term that works for you.  My # lilurbanjungle hashie is to showcase the plants I have started hoarding in my home.  By the end of this post we will know exactly how many that is(give or take).  I’m pretty sure I’m under the 100 mark.  So see my jungle is still relatively little (lil). 

Bedroom 15 plants this is a 3 window bay on the right side of my bed. It’s what I see soon as I open my eyes. It’s the magical disco moments I usually post in my insta stories on Saturday & Sunday mornings. When I get to sleep in a little (till 8 am) and always seem to wake up just in time for the glorious light show.


Moms living room 25 plants this room has a couple of the plants she brought over from her apartment. There’s a bunch of plant babies behind this chair. There are also 3/4 other plants over by her sofa you can almost see them below.

My social room 10 plants live in this section, the yucca (right hand corner) plant being my biggest. This room has a 4 window bay that pretty much gets all day light. I think this is a southwest facing windows. Please ignore the half naked grandson running around who always manages to get into at least one picture when the camera is out.

And last but not least the kitchen has some 25 (to be exact give or take) plants as well. This window above the sink is actually a north facing window.

The kitchen has some (2 big) east facing windows, as well as 2 north facing (1 above sink & 1 in the pantry). Which gets the rising sun’s first views. When a plant is struggling I usually bring it in here to recuperate. When it has I will find someplace it likes to go live.

# lilurbanjungle

Bathroom (not pictured) has 2 plants a big fern and a little propagated still in water plant baby.

So if you’ve been adding up the numbers that makes a whopping 77 plants I feel like the count (from Sesame St)should be laughing here…

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