My Christmas fantel

I shared my first version of a Christmas fantel over when I showed you the how my Christmas stockings went glam.  But the stockings got moved over by my living room Christmas tree {there’s also a sun room tree} both will be revealed tomorrow.  Which then left my fantel kind of plain not enough umph.  So I looked thru some decor I had left over when tree’s were done.  And put together this version.  Would you believe most of it is dollar store stuff.  I’m addicted to that place, lucky for me there’s one 2 blocks away.  And I’m a change-a-holic.

my fantel dollar store decor

What do you think??

I’m calling it my Christmas Nativity fantel 2013

nativity fantel 2 I used some of my white milk glass vases to hold some branches.  I think they give it height.  Everything is just held up to the frame with clear push pins.


Here’s a peek back at my fantel of last year.  It’s funny to look back and get to see where things were used last year.  And where they end up this year.

Click on picture to go to last years Christmas home tour.  IMG_7190

I’m pretty happy with the fantel upgrade.  And this year’s nativity version.  What do you thin??

nativity fantel 2

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2 Responses

  1. Lovely, just shinny enough! Who doesn’t love some gold accent for Chritsmas?

  2. Gracie says:

    That’s really nice very creative. love it! 🙂