Christmas 2017 a look back

I realize most of us are getting ready for Valentine’s day.  But here is a look at Christmas 2017 in the new apartment.  Having just moved in a month ago I must say it was not my most decorated Christmas.  And then there was the saga of Christmas lights.  My beautiful white tree is barely 3 years old but I guess I really to run the heck out of the lights.  Its just so pretty to see a twinkling tree.  Isn’t it?



Christmas 2017

So this year when I put up the tree right on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Yay go me for being on time for once.  The tree lights decided they should mess with me.  Three different sections of the tree lights had burned out.  Much to my dismay I spent over a week trying to switch out bulbs.  I swear I must have changed some of the same ones over and over again.  But to no avail I was never able to get all the lights to relight.  So I’ve gotten rid of that tree.  I took it to my local Goodwill and someone else can fight with those lights.  So the hunt for new tree has begun.  In consideration for Christmas 2018 are either a flocked tree or a silver wired tinsel tree.


But back to Christmas 2017 I put up the big white tree in my social room.  My social room is the extra living room I have.  I’ve situated the bar in there and have decided to rename this room my social room.  Because who doesn’t get social at the bar right?

As in previous years my little black Christmas tree was up in my bedroom.  I really really enjoy going to bed with the lights twinkling.  So having a little tree in there is amazing to me.

In my living room I put up my makeshift fireplace.  And decorated this with my collection of angels and one of my many nativities.  Keeping Christ in Christmas is one of my most cherished traditions.

The front porch housed my snowman collection but not much else.  For next year I hope to do it up maybe with a life size nativity scene.



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