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I realize I’ve been neglecting this little blog of mine.  Life has thrown me some changes and here I am to share all about it with you all.  The biggest one this year being that my mom has moved in with me.  I’ve been planning for this for the last 2 years but when it actually happened boy was I thrown for a loop.  I didn’t realize how grown I was all these years.  Now I think it’s official I’m a grown up.



My wonderful mother pictured above now has taken over my home.  Well not really it’s an ongoing daily battle…

When she moved in I told her the kitchen was all hers.  This being a big joke as my mom stopped cooking back when I was in high school.  Her room is all hers to rule over and she totally does.  I wasn’t allowed to paint it for her.  So she is living with the standard beige walls ugh.

She has claimed the living room as her own tho luckily the furniture is mine and I’m sorta allowed to keep styling it as I please.  That’s the part of ongoing battles.  She is a pillow lover and would have about 50 pillows on the couch if I didn’t start twitching every time she brings one out.  I joke that she is only allowed to add if it matches my decor.  She quips back at me I’m gonna move out.  I get that response to just about any comment I make.

A funny quote that helps get me thru the day is “we make plans and GOD laughs” so I see he is getting great laughs at my expense at the moment.  Life changes and that is most important thing to for me to realize.  Nothing ever stays the same.  This too will one day pass and I will be longing for these crazy days.

Next post  I will update you on the apartment changes that I have loosely planned for the rest of this year.  My mom is not the biggest fan of my DIY projects and tends to protest whenever I start one so some of the goals I had listed in January will have to change.  The only thing constant is change.  Here we go again…

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10 Responses

  1. Bren says:

    Loving the update

  2. Barbara F. says:

    Awwwwww just workin’ through the kinks. lol It will all smooth over. You’ll see. ( I am not a fan of a zillion pillow either. )

  3. Sue says:

    It is so true on change and you have had your hands full of change over the recent years. I like how you said God is laughing at us as we make plans and then bam, it’s all different.

  4. Carolann says:

    Yes, moms can make you insane lol. I’m sure she loves living with you and enjoys your company too. I love that quote too!

  5. Hi Anj!! Everything will all work out. I’m sure you both can compromise a bit. It’s never easy living with someone no matter who it is. Happy to hear your updates! <3

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