bookcase abundance

Since I mentioned them on my last post I figured today’s a good day to tell you the bookshelf story it’s still a work in progress cause I got them Dec 5th which was very close to Christmas so I did the best I could with them so they would be usable but I’m not sure there right now…. so they might still change some more before I consider them complete
Soooo my mom takes me to IKEA because they were having a sale on bookcases (which I was very much in need of I had a few at my old place that didn’t make it threw moving day…..I had put them together and I guess not done a very good job of it, on moving day 2 bookcases had fallen apart and with everything I had going on I told my friends drop them right there They are now garbage)(you know how crazy moving day can be ) so mom gets me three small bookcases which are originally priced at $40 and were on sale for $20
I would have gotten some more of them but my sister who was our driver that day has a small car and she also purchased one of the bookcases so now we had 4 boxes 3 ppl and a small car (not that I’m complaining it got us there and my bookcases home love that small car lol)

They turned out to be really awesome for the price!!! they really feel solid

So this same weekend my friend Chino calls me and says he has some bookshelves for me ( I had asked him to be on the lookout in his work travels for them ) and so low and behold bookshelf abundance lol  🙂
These are the bookshelf’s I got from Chino (obviously they can’t stay beige have I mentioned my black & white obsession) (well maybe I haven’t mentioned it cause you will see…… follow and see lol)
original state all beige
both exteriors now black


now what to do with the back boards


first try checkerboard didn’t work out


then found & decides to use this one its 99cent contact paper used 2 rolls cause im anal and wanted to line them up could possibly have used one but i think it would look to patched together


so this is the “sorta complete” bookcase its at the right side of bed  i like wakin up to some of favorite things
At this time 1 bookshelf can be called complete as it has been painted and a backboard has been covered but I’m not sure I love love love it yet so this too might still change….. stay tuned

1 bookcase – not yet complete missing backing is in use for now as my arts & craft storage see>

and here are the 3 bookcases supplied by mommy and where there hanging out...for now anyway.....
Living room – and as u see i really did need bookshelves ..


Living room opposite walls – maybe one day they will be side by side ….hmmmmm good idea i think maybe lol


j’s room is where the 3rd bookcase came to live don’t think she’ll be giving it up …
stay tuned….xoxo Arod

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