Black bedroom gets some pops of color

I’ve showed you all my black bedroom inspiration.  Now the black bedroom gets some pops of color.  On a wall in the nook for my desk.  Inside my closet.  And even my Tiff dresser got a new coat of paint.  I love Tiffany blue and get any paint that is close in color to it.  With black & white being my favorite color combination I love the way this light colored blue pops off it.  I like that even though I have added this color to my room it is in small pops.  Heck you can’t see the closet or the wall nook unless you are in them.  I think that’s pretty cool.  Let me show you.


You can see my desk nook in red above but now it looks like this.

Black bedroom pops of color


I’ve already shared with you all how that dresser I like to call my Tiff dresser.  Got a new coat of paint.  I’m still loving this curbside rescue 3 years later.  [Tweet “Just goes to prove one man’s garbage can totally be another woman’s treasure.  😉 “]TIFFDRESSER

To give the closet some color I used the same paint.  Just removed my clothes and gave it two quick coats and by the end of the day it was ready to fill with my clothes again.  Now when I open my curtains I get a nice pop of color.


I added a lamp to my closet.  Not for just for while I was in there painting but to keep in there.  I love how when I open curtains it’s light and bright in there.  At night it gives my closet a nice warm glow thru the curtains.  I’ll show you.


All these changes I’ve made with paint I had leftover.  So I haven’t spent a dime to make these changes and I think it’s looking pretty awesome.  Cha ching saving money by using what I have win win.

As for the desk nook in my bedroom, here’s how it has changed.


Here’s a look from my bedroom door.  You can see how you can’t see all the pops of color but they are there.  😉  And I love that.


Of coarse I’ve already started to decorate that nook but will tell you more about that soon.


So tell me what is your favorite change in this room?

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20 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    The closet curtains are genius. Then the blue background and lamp make it very stylish. Hometalkers will love this.

  2. Carolann says:

    Love the closet Anj and your desk area looks so beautiful with that pop of color. The curtains are so very chic too! Can’t wait to see the completed project!

  3. Robin Masshole mommy says:

    Wow you did a really good job. I absolutely love the closet!

  4. jasmine says:

    Love the color you chose for the walls and the way the blue pops against it.

  5. I love before and after photos! They are so inspiring! Before I tackle anything I always take that before photo. Great job on the room!!

  6. Jeannette says:

    I love the dresser! Seriously, I need that in my room! Your room is coming together so well and I love how it’s looking!

  7. Crystal says:

    The dresser is so cute! I always slow down when I drive past things on my neighbors’ lawns. You never know what treasure you’ll find!

  8. Love the dresser. Also love the colors you have used.

  9. Liz Mays says:

    These colors make all the difference. It almost seems like a different room! The colors added so much character.

  10. Sara P. (@SensiblySara) says:

    I love the pop of teal and the feather curtains! It’s looking good!!

  11. Karen says:

    You have really made that space your own. The colors are really nice together.

  12. What a great makeover. The pops of color are nicely done!

  13. Patty says:

    It’s certainly a very dramatic room. It’s wonderful how one can use color to make a house one’s own. Or apartment as the case may be.

  14. Diane says:

    I love that dresser, so pretty! Everything looks so nice together.

  15. Deb@SimplePlate says:

    Love what you’ve done! The pop of teal really makes this room!

  16. Crystal says:

    That dresser is awesome! I had a black bedroom when I was younger, complete with black-painted dresser. I wish I had kept it.

  17. Marina says:

    I would have to say those curtains!They look classy. Love the black and white accents

  18. Avry says:

    It’s so fun to see a redo come together! Love the turquoise color you chose.

  19. Cathy says:

    I love the added pop of color you have used – it looks so great with the black. Thank you for sharing at Share It One More Time. Cathy