On My Mind Monday the birth of this grandma

Today I wanted to share with you the birth of this grandma. A birth story from my point of view on becoming a grandma. I’ve already showed you all how irresistible this little guy is. If you follow me on my instagram or facebook then you get to see it all time/quite allot. He is my new obsession. Do you believe I even took a blogging/thrifting break. Because I was home falling more and more in love with Damon Thomas. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back to May 15th.
My daughter J’s birth-plan included me being in the room with them (her boyfriend & her) for a normal delivery. I stressed about it for weeks before the birth. I thought I would be way to worried for my only child/daughter, to be of any help to her. I thought I would be way too nervous. J insisted I be there so I was.
She thought her water broke around 7 am on Wed May14th.  She called me and I came running home.  I asked her to shower and see how she was feeling and we got to timing her contractions.  She showered and decided she needed a nap.  I ran off to the car wash and set about having the car ready for the hospital drive.  Once I got home she was still napping.  What the what what at this point I was getting worried.  I wanted her in a hospital supervised by nurses and doctors.  She asked me to wait a while and by 5 pm we were off to the hospital.  I was a nervous wreck but keeping under control.  I was able to get us to the hospital in one peace.

Her labor was an almost 31 hour process.  It was so hard for me to watch J in such pain.  And I was also so proud to see her endure such pain for the new life of her son.
By 10 am on Wednesday May 15th doctors advised she would have a c-section.  Although her original birth-plan included her boyfriend going in with her should an emergency c-section be needed.  They both asked me if I wanted to go instead, as terrified as I was to be in there with her I could not bring myself to let her go without me.  I suited up and went with J to welcome her son into this world.
I was even more terrified than ever standing by side as her doctor cuts her open.  Again the wave of proud-ness I felt was overwhelming as she lay there worried for her son.  To see my little girl become a mother was an amazing moment.  She asked me to leave room with her son when they took him to the nursery.  I reluctantly followed, I did what my baby asked me too.  I followed the nurse with baby DamonThomas and as soon as I spotted his dad (who was pacing in waiting room with his mom , my mom, one of my sisters, & J dad – we were way over the visitor limit & got told so to no avail).  I got the dad rechecked in and ran back to OR room.  Sadly once you have left the room they will not let you reenter.  I understand why but refused to go wait for my baby in her room and just hung out outside her OR room.  At least 3 different nurses and even her doctor told me you could wait in her room.  So I did take a moment to capture a selfie.  See I really was pretty calm.  lol
It’s hard to believe but I kept it together.  I held her hand when she asked and left the room and gave her and the boyfriend time together without being asked.  I made sure we all got breaks to eat a little to sleep.  Why are hospital waiting room chairs so dam uncomfortable.  They know your there waiting and waiting why must it be so dam uncomfortable.
Yes I became a grandmother on May 15th.  After seeing this precious little boy come into the world I know nothing will ever be the same again.
 Our whole family has changed.  We are beyond blessed.

xoxo Stay tunned… ARod

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2 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    I enjoyed reading this heartfelt journey into becoming a grandmother and mother. Damon is blessed to have you all.

  2. Oh, Oh, OH, CONGRATULATIONS…… I hope you, your daughter, you son in law and grand baby are all enjoying this time together….. Lovely post on such a wonderful journey……