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Happy New Year!  As a new year starts you always take a look back to figure out the best of 2016.  It certainly a surprise when I checked to see what you all liked best about 2016.  These were the post you visited the most.

So let’s do this count down now…

Best of 2016

#10 Transformed Treasure no 27  I turned a thrift store find frame into a glass chalkboard.  I love to change it up for every season or holiday.  Totally one of my favorite projects that is still in use today.


Thanks @jcosta_photography for Hooking up my #chalkboard and getting it #christmas ready I ❤️️it

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#9  Side table turned bling bling vanity  This table is another thrifty find that I repurposed.  I turned it  into a vanity for my black bedroom.  It’s my go to spot daily and brings a smile to face.  😉


#8  Transformed Treasures No 26  This bookcase was one of my favorite thrifty finds from last year.  And I’ve actually made some more updates to it that I will have to share with you all soon.

#7  Turned around bar Old Fashioned Milk Paint  This is certainly my most favorite of all these projects.  It’s such a great entertaining piece.  I’ve received so many compliments on it.  Also a few offers for purchase, and not 1 but 2 of my sisters threatening to steel it from me.


#6  Table top revamp with Old Fashioned Milk Paint  Would you believe this table was a curbside rescue?  It’s found a new look and a new home with me.


#5  China hutch her secrets revealed  This hutch made it to the list twice.  Guess you all liked seeing it and it’s secrets…


#4  From crusty Old bench to Salt wash sweetness  I keep this bench outside in my backyard and you would not believe how well it’s holding up.  I will certainly be using saltwash in more projects this year.

No 3 & 2 are the same project as well and totally another of my favorites’.  My pallet garden brought me so much joy to watch it bloom this summer.  I will definitely be replanting it this spring for this years blooming joy.

#3  Outdoor space my pallet garden progress


#2  Pallet garden dreaming


And last but not least my most viewed post from 2016 is.

#1  China hutch goes glam with Pure & Original paint

This beauty was a $20 garage sale find from 2014 that finally got the new look it deserved.  There are some projects that sit way to long, but when they do get their new look look out.

So that was my best of 2016.  I look forward to great new projects in 2017.  To sharing with you all the crazy happenings around here.

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    Nice collection of projects! Congrats on a great 2016. Looking forward to 2017.