Best DIY’s of 2017

I’m looking back at the the best DIY’s of 2017.  In all honesty these were almost all the DIY’s I did last year.  But after putting this together there are some pretty great ones.  Let review a little shall we.  If your new here you haven’t seen these if your old here it’s a pretty good recap.


Best DIYs of 2017

Best DIY’s of 2017


An end table story – My mom ended up with this little beauty.  And it does make me so proud to see it in her home.

Little book shelf  – turned into the perfect bar accessory.  This little wine glass shelf still has a place in the new apartment and I even got rid of some glasses so now there is room to grow.

Canvas rugs – I did my first in March of last year for the one room challenge that upgraded my front entry hallway.  And I was hooked from there this is project I will probably repeat for years to come…

Kitchen chairs – My kitchen chairs is one of those transformations long overdue.  And I fell in such love with them after they were done that I wondered why did I wait so long to do them?

Rustic gift from pallet – I made this gift for my niece while she was living with me last year and was so thrilled to see it hanging in her new home.  She and her boo boo kitty have gotten them selves a little cabin the woods.  Its a marvelous place and you will get to see some of it this year as I will be helping her start a garden out there and will definitely be blogging about it.

My living room end tables – Got a thumbtack transformation.  I really love when just a little something gives a project a whole new life.  These tables made it thru the move well and are still being used in my new living room now. R

So this was pretty much all the projects I did in 2017.  It was a slow year project wise, but looking at them all together does it make it look like a pretty productive year.  Some core pieces got the makeovers long overdue.  So I am over here doing a little happy dance, and am pretty happy with myself.

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6 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    I loved seeing your projects again Anj, great idea. Anyway, you know I am a fan. The kitchen chairs and the end tables in the living room are my favorites but they are all so great. Happy DIY.

  2. Ally says:

    I personally love your dining room chairs the best too! What an awesome transformation. I love that they are mostly all different too which gives them added character. I’ve actually got a blog post coming out today about how I turned an old kitchen cupboard into a bench-seat. Check it out and let me know what you think!

  3. Carly says:

    The kitchen chairs look awesome! Now I think I need to redo mine