bedroom reveal – bookcases revamp

Hello all  – Hope you having a beautifully productive week

I myself spent my Sunday (last weekend) revamping the bookcases that are located on both sides of my bed.  I have shared these bookcases before {here} but had not revealed my bedroom as i was hoping to have it totally revamped before the big reveal.  This is a New Year’s goal but i figured if i keep putting it off i would never show you …. and maybe if i show you – you will push me to get it done

so here goes
a look from living room into bedroom
I love to say when giving a tour of my apt and now for the “piece de résistance” my bedroom suite…..
inside these doors leads to my bedroom, the sunroom {post & aspirations for it to come soon} & closet II which is past the sunroom to the right
to the right there is my next makeover piece big biege thing 😉  (got them here) and a box of frames I’m trying to get thru and revamp  for the ledges
I totally worship and pray for a tufted headboard!!! It  would look amazing no??? and I had wanted round tables (in white or mirror) but I’m kinda liking the bookshelves now……And where that lil center sconce is where I want to replace with this kind of art I’m  thinking this will look awesome above the bed

bookcases revamp

bookcase to the left on my bed
and here’s the one to the right – yes there not matching papers I kinda like the contrast but am loving the one above and will probable redo below to match…. What do you think would you leave them different??
then CoCo comes in like “Ma what you taking pics of??”
“Look Ma I’m cute!”
Isn’t he just the most handsome ever?? next to my awesome spring fireplace


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2 Responses

  1. Your room is looking GREAT! I love the bookshelves and the color you chose.
    I know what you mean about waiting for the big reveal, if you show a little at a time it’s not finished but at least it’s motivating. Can’t wait to see what you do next, thanks for sharing your place!