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So not all people need a bar in there home… but have I mentioned I love hosting a good party.  I wanted to share some of my bar inspiration with you all.
And now with the extra room in my new place I’ve become quite the hostess (not that everything is always pretty at the time I say the party will start but I do like throwing a party)
Since I moved into my new place in Sept some friends have been asking me when’s the house warming and I’ve pondered having this party but wanted to get my place looking homey (hence this blog hee hee) before bringing people over to see (family doesn’t count you all…) and I don’t at all like the idea of them getting me house gifts cause I like to do this to my taste (does that make me horrible)
so I’ve come up with the idea of doing a Spring housewarming /STOCK MY BAR PARTY where the guest will bring liquor to stock the bar I hope to have by then my makeshift bar/desk will not (see pics below) do for much longer but it has been handy for now and I love that when its not a bar for a party it’s a desk where I work at home (occasionally) and look out the windows of my sun room in my bedroom suite(that’s another post I still need to write)
Here is some inspiration for what I hope my bar to be……..

I love love love this pic and hope to refurbish some cabinet to look somewhat like this

bar inspiration

may b just maybe it wont be black…….
I like that it could close up
And here’s a look at my bar/desk now and how it came to be….enjoy
The story starts (why do I call every post a story idk) I was walking Coco on a Sunday morning in our new neighborhood and decided to go off our regular path(meaning around the block) and check out some more of our new neighborhood (at the time we had lived here almost 2 months) so this was end of November but as I’ve mentioned we had the nicest winter (if you can call it winter) so anyway Coco and I are out for a walk and someone has already put their garbage out for tomorrow pick up (it was like 9 am Sunday) and I didn’t rummage through there garbage but I did spot these two stools that I thought would make a great makeshift bookshelf (see my bookshelf’s post I was sorely lacking this) but I had coffee and the dog (who hadn’t yet done his business ) and didn’t think I could manage to carry both stools home and finish the walk the dog process so I mentally noted the address and headed home (more like ran) at home I had my sleeping teenager and my nephew (also 16) so as soon as I walked in I woke them booth up and begged pleaded and yelled until they got up to go get me the stools (there was some outrages deal about me making them breakfast when they got back but instead I gave them DD $ and we all were happy lol) so now my stools were home and it was time to play with them I gave them a good scrubbing and then they sat for a week (and then all the bookcases came in see bookcase blog) so now I had these two stools but no need for a bookcase. Some time that week one of my sisters suggested I host a cocktail party for one of cousin’s to come see the place and right after we confirmed with my cousin’s the bar idea started to take seed
I had a glass from a sofa table sister A (see below sister grid)  had had in her single days apt that I had kept and used on several occasions to put over my wood dining room table when I would set out steno’s I thought it would keep fire & food away from my table (and it did on plenty of occasions) so I had this glass and now in the new apt no closet to store it in so it was sitting in my sun room in plan sight and so the bar idea now had a top and the bottoms see how it came together below


my bar supplies that i already had maybe its good to be pack rat just maybe
bad picture must have been bb
this was ready for the first party


First party… of hopefully many more to come


here’s a pic at 2nd party (see New Year New start) this time bar was on the side for more seating…..
my bar’s day job ja ha ha it doubles’s as a desk !!!!!

And that is my stool story not sure what will happen to them once i find my dream bar but i look forward to the surprises to come…

stay tuned….xoxo Arod

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  1. J.Costa says:

    i cannot wait !!! bring on the rum & coke !! PEACH FLAVOR PLEASE

  2. WOW! What a great idea!! Love the inspiration! SO glad you stopped by and linked up today!! Your newest follower!!