ART + Stripes = My ART wall

remembered when I told you I wanted stripes & then I got them I put them in the kitchen where I already had my favorite Van Gogh here I’ll show you again

photo (6)

my art wall

and then I picked up this Van Gogh not looking so hot at a garage sale back on Oct 1 (happy dance this project got done same month I got it woohoo) and I think to myself self how great would a little rub and buff look on this frame…

enter my favorite silver & gold rub and buff yes people I still had some left over & surprisingly no I don’t own stock in them ha ha I should but then I’ll paint anything not nailed down so maybe I should get some Behr stock lol and  by the looks of all of you out here in blog-land if Annie Sloan has stock it would be up up up lol I don’t think there is that stock anyways I digress this post is not about stock lol

Here’s how I Rub and Buffed this baby into a beauty don’t you agree?

if you follow me on instagram then you saw above


and when I was done and thought well I could start a lil collection maybe put together and art wall and I looked at my print and thought will the mat could be a lil jazzed up

I had picked up this contact paper 2 rolls for 3.99 so viola add some contact paper to old mat and we have new jazzed up mat

and now the beginning of my art wall is born…

What do you think not a bad start right???

ps – see my Links party page for where I party & share my projects


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