after the storm

I am a proud Jersey resident and a native NY’er as I was born in Brooklyn (can i get a what what) lol

and was very very lucky to have lost nothing in this storm SANDY except power for less than 24 hrs and even now as I read my friends status’s on FB I am so grateful for hardly being affected by this storm…

I got to ride out this storm at home with my daughter, her bf & our doggie we watched just about all our movies on dvd once the cable went out and then when the power went out we watched Anastasia on a cell phone thank you GOD for our technology

After the storm my place has been a haven for two of my sisters and there kiddies, j’s childhood best-y & her mom, as well as a few of j’s straggler friends.  We have had a full house of domino’s, monopoly, Uno & sorry funny how the old school games came in beyond handy they definitely helped to make this time something fun for the kids they won’t soon forget



my old school coffee pot I keep on hand for my mommy {who likes her Spanish coffee}and it came in beyond handy when we didn’t have power and even DD was closed


my Sista and Mojo arrive…CoCo is beyond thrilled he loves them both bunchesIMG_6491


IMG_6495we all love us some MoJo…IMG_6502

IMG_6506childhood best-y’sIMG_6507





all in all Sandy was good to us but my heart breaks for all those who have lost homes, business & even there lives its time for those of us who have it all to give a little back

I plan on volunteering this weekend and the next few weekends and I urge you to do the same I know times are hard and you might, like me not have extra $$ to give but I do have time and will give it to those who need in any way I can

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2 Responses

  1. Elle Sees says:

    so glad you are ok!! the pics just break my heart of the devastation

  2. I just found your blog via Blog Hop Social. These pictures suggest you have definitely succeeded in “makin your apt a home!” A welcoming one, no less 🙂 Glad to hear that your place was fine and you were able to provide a bit of sanctuary for others.