a new look to an old door with Modern Masters

I gave a new look to an old door with Modern Masters.  And I’m loving it.  Yes I do still rent and live in an apartment but that doesn’t have to stop anyone from making some fabulous changes to your home with your landlords permission of coarse.


a new look to an old door with Modern Masters

I have always only lived in apartments owed by good landlords.  Good in the sense that they have always taken the time to get to know me and me them.  I’ve always been allowed to paint any colors on the walls I want.  I mean did you see my black bedroom.  Yeah maybe my  landlord right now is really really good to me.  He let me make my bedroom black and now he has trusted me to paint the front door.  I mentioned to him that Modern Masters had offered to give me some awesome door paint and could I please paint the front door.  He said yes!!  I was beside myself even offered to let him pick the color.  He laughed and said no worries you pick you paint.  Well yes sir I will!!


I had read somewhere that when painting a door you do all the nooks first.  As you can see above I decided to follow that little tip.  I gave the front and back of my door three coats of this beautiful paint.  I am so pleased with how it turned out.

Modern Masters  says their door paint is….Our Non-Fading, Quick Dry Formula allows you to finish painting and close your door the same day! The Front Door is the most important element on the exterior of a home. It should stand out and say “welcome”. Project your personality through your front door color, providing a promise of what’s inside. Changing your front door’s color gives you a chance to make an inexpensive mark on your home’s personality. Our colors were carefully selected, utilizing the Emotional Color Wheel and the latest in color trends and home design from around the world.


Front Door Colors
So many amazing colors to choose from right!!  It made me picking just one so hard.
I ended up picking….  Passionate!  Because I am 😉 passionate about painting.  Like that play on words hee hee.
I fell in love with the color swatch and I love even more how wonderful it turned out on my front door.
This post is sponsored by Modern Masters line of front door paints. All opinions are my own.
I worked with an awesome group of ladies and they have some fabulous Modern Masters post coming up soon.
Carolann of Sassy Townhouse Living transformed hertransformed her lamps with Modern Masters metel effects.
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9 Responses

  1. Sue says:

    What a fantastic transformation Modern Masters paint did to your front door entrance Anj. Also, the color you picked, passionate, is unexpected. Your door is now elegant.

  2. Love that beautiful rich color! A perfect backdrop for the wreath. Congrats on a fab makeover! Susie from The Chelsea Project

  3. Michelle says:

    Wow this really looks great!! I love the color you chose. But is so rich and pretty and your wreath and skates are perfect with it. Great post!!!

  4. Carolann says:

    I just love how your door turned out Anj. It’s super beautiful and that snowman is adorable. Wow, what a little paint can do! You always do such amazing work! xo

  5. Monica says:

    Love the new color!!! Very beautiful!!!

  6. Love this transformation Anj! The color is gorgeous!!

  7. Toni says:

    Great makeover, I love the color you chose. I’d never heard of this paint line before but I’ll be checking it out for when we paint our front door!

  8. Love the color you chose! What a difference a little paint makes. The ice skates add a great touch too. Nice job

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